Xiao gui and aaron yan dating

31 Mar

El primer encuentro de Xiao Feng con Yi Cheng y Da Ye no es muy grato, y para colmo, de ahora en adelante asistirĂ¡n a la misma escuela.

To an child, play was the Attention everyone, Actually this story is not about GUILUN but I decided to post this story again as Gui Lun. Aaron's father own a big company, Yan Company and Gui's mother own a flower shop.

Can be compared to the taiwanese Detective Conan with a twist.

Kda people, my #1 bae has a bday today (bars eyyy)!!

All the girls throughout the show do not know how to respond until Aaron Yan's well known friend Chen Bo Lin shows up on the screen and half the lights go red, they all say it was because he is Chen Bo Lin who starred in the hit drama series "Wo Ke Neng Bu Hui Ai Ni" they all love him too.

Aaron Yan replies: he's not walking out here( laughing ) Towards the end Aaron is left with the two ladies Tina and Agnes.