Wpf listview not updating

02 Mar

This ultimately reduces duplicate code and keeps the modules decoupled from each other, making our application maintainable and manageable.As a very basic example of So C, think about HTML, CSS and Java Script, where all these technologies have a well-defined purpose.For eg: The UI can be a concern, the business logic can be another concern and so on.The idea is to make sure each concern has a single, well-defined purpose and to find a balanced way to separate these features and concepts into different modules.

A ‘concern’ can be considered as an aspect of software functionality.Cinch is a MVVM framework that exposes a number of helper classes to allow the developer to quickly get to grips with creating scalable testable MVVM frameworks as quickly as possible.Testing was of paramount importance, and Cinch has had this issue in mind from the very beginning, as such you should find it very easy to unit test your code when using Cinch.Basically this control is a WPF List View control but it is capable of auto generate the Grid View Columns for you.It generates the columns by looking at the objects’ properties.