Who is maite perroni dating now

17 May

Luis Fernando, the eldest son of the De la Vega family, is dumped by his girlfriend Brenda, and swears not to become involved emotionally with women, but to toy with them.He initially engages with María for this purpose, but ends up falling in love with her.Accent Not all Latin girls have an accent, and a lot of them barely speak Spanish.They went to school in America, and they talk just like any other girl.

Mía Colucci Caceres is Franco Colucci's only daughter with his first wife, Marina Caceres.

Julian must also give 20% of his salary to Marjorie for child support.

The judge also said the actor cannot post or provide photos or videos of his child.

This article contains a list of characters from the telenovela Rebelde.

Rebelde features several different plotlines, many of which are put on hold for several episodes before they are resumed.