Who is ingrid dating

27 Jan

'Those are really significant moments in my life, and I learned so much about myself.'And while it appears that Ingrid has found great happiness in her life, she admits that she still holding on to some of the resentment she feels towards those who were really 's****y' to her last year when she came out.

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She made sure to let fans know that her girlfriend wouldn't be appearing in any of her videos but fully supports her from behind the camera!In addition to constantly showing Jules in her Snapchat videos lately, Ingrid also has been posting some ~interesting~ tweets.You Tube star Ingrid Nilsen has found love again and she is really opening up about it!circumstances kind of aligned,' teased Hannah, who is known for the hilarious My Drunk Kitchen You Tube series, in which she cooks and drinks with a range of interesting guests.Firm friends: The couple have known each other for many years, but it wasn't until Ingrid revealed details about her sexuality to her subscribers that they began speculating the couple might be dating In a powerful You Tube video that received more than 12 million views, the one-time Project Runway judge revealed she had been attracted to girls since age four but always dated men because she was scared of not being accepted by society because of her sexual preference.