Who is frank langella dating

25 May

I think walking up to a pretty girl at a party and saying: “How are you?

I’d like to take you for a cup of coffee,” is much more exciting than: “Hey, I saw you last night at the whatever.

Frank Langella is 75 years old and on the form of his life.

“To go into my seventies and suddenly become a movie star, it’s very strange to me,” Langella admits to me, squeezing a day’s publicity in London around the France-and-Monaco shoot of his next project.“It was a good idea for me to play someone who people fully like and care about, even though he’s a ‘bad’ guy. You kind of want him to pick up where he left off and keep robbing insurance companies.” The movie, a feature debut for the writer Christopher Ford and director Jake Schreier, is less to do with future technology than the fallibility of the human machine – specifically our memories.I ask Langella if he saw the robot as a kind of metaphor for this and he takes the bait.Text me.” Tech is giving people the opportunity to protect themselves from just saying: “Thank you very much but I don’t like your looks and I don’t want to go out with you.” Not at all to a good place. I’m not looking into anybody’s eyes; I’m seeing little black dots on the screen.” Absolutely. Because I cannot tell you the fun I had picking out a flower or a little sweet thing and writing a note and leaving it at a girl’s door. It’s nice when people call or you get an invitation to dinner, even if it’s nothing to do with romance. Nowadays there’s so many ways you can protect yourself from the direct question. It risks people having less and less of a sense of being vulnerable. I really would much rather have a fight with you in person than do it on a computer screen. That private sense of: “You’re someone I would like to spend time with”, as opposed to I winnowed you out in a group of a lot of other people. No one wants to expose themselves any more; no one wants to risk rejection. When I was your age it was terrifying to me if someone would say no to my advance. “I’ll get drunk enough to take that person to bed and then the next day I’ll decide if we like each other.” That went on in my generation but there was still not so many tools to prevent intimacy.