Updating nameservers 11 Live adult chat paypal supported

14 Mar

How you change your nameservers depends on where your domain is registered and where your website is registered.

Nameservers configured as purely authoritative, with recursion disabled, will not do lookups on behalf of clients.John-Paul I am trying to change the domain name from all lower case to upper case letters. I recommend contacting our Billing department, if you want to change your bill item to upper case.I found what I think are the correct instructions, but it is telling me to remove my "cancel my domain privacy", make the changes then add domain privacy back. But, keep in mind domains/URL's are not case sensitive, meaning it will not change the way it displays in a browser.i don't know how to change the dns to the dns of Google as primary and as secondary in version 11 there is icon marked as update dns service via dhcp after u unmark it u can put it manual in 11.3 there is no icon there is no separate icon for the dns configuration in the network service category so how can i change the dns ???? This was from 11.2 so there may be some minor changes in 11.3 but "AFAIK" (as far as I know) this stuff has not changed much in a long time. is there a problem in firefox or something needs to be changed Yes, I have 11.3. I recall that the place to enter DNS was not obvious. "We're all in this together, I'm pulling for you." Red Green Hostname/DNS but unfortunately there isn't a way to change the dns about the cli i like it but can u give me more details to edit in the file i found no dns number i found / / / to files in the file u told me so what can i do I'm sorry I'm just beginner by the way do u know what is the problem of firefox which came with suse !!! i think the site surfing has became faster almost 3 times firefox !!