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30 Apr

# ## require 'msf/core' class Metasploit4 [ ['CVE', '2012-6315'], # superseded by CVE-2013-0209 (duplicate) ['CVE', '2013-0209'], ['URL', '

p=402'], ['URL', ' ], 'Arch' = 0)) register_options( [ Opt String.new('TARGETURI', [true, 'The URI path of the Movable Type installation', '/mt']) ], self.class) end def check @peer = "#:#" fingerprint = rand_text_alpha(5) print_status("# - Sending check...") begin res = http_send_raw(fingerprint) rescue Rex:: Connection Error return Exploit:: Check Code:: Unknown end if (res) if (== 200 and =~ /Can't locate object method \"dbi_driver\" via package \"#\" at/) return Exploit:: Check Code:: Vulnerable elsif (!

One of the more common problems you may find is an error message such as this one - when you cannot redeclare the 'MT' class, it will prevent the entire dynamic publishing subsystem from starting up, and you will be dead in the water!

Have you run into this error while trying to update your plugins from the legacy-style Perl format to a brand-spanking-new YAML layout, only to find that you can't seem to figure out just what the problem is? You do have to look a little bit, but you actually are not missing a semicolon or a brace or anything along those lines.

Alas, even that wasn't it - bunches of (other) characters would work fine, just not those particular characters, making it seem like that site itself was the issue, and that is what eventually led to the answer. - I heard about this blogging thing and decided I would figure out what it was all about. Probably not as a complete CMS - mostly because it is not full-featured - but certainly to provide some nice functionality on the side as it were.

So I installed Movable Type on a hosting account I had sitting around collecting dust. At least, I think it was 2.64 - it's been ten years, so cut me some slack here. Unfortunately the dynamic publishing functions are not documented much, if at all, so when you run into some issues, it can be difficult to troubleshoot.

We are updating the Premier Managed Platform with some great enhancements! During this maintenance window, your site will remain online and available to your readers, but you will not be able to log in to the admin area to update your site or schedule posts to publish during this time. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for the service interruption. If you don't see changes you made since then, please contact our Success Team at [email protected] 800-913-0988 for help in restoring them.

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The approach used by Extra Fields is straightforward: for each weblog for which you want to define custom fields, you create a table with an entry ID column as its primary key, and as many additional data columns as you want.

When you enter data in the custom fields for an entry in that weblog, a row with the same entry ID as the entry is created in the external table.

Now, it looks like this: Static Web Path Static File Path …and so far so good.

Moveable Type (MT) exposes a CGI script, (usually at /cgi/mt/mt-upgrade.cgi), that is used during installation and updating of the platform.