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09 Apr

The spreadsheet contains 5 fields, the first two of which in combination are the unique keys and are therefore used to select which records in the SQL table are to be updated.

Example data in the spreadsheet:wh product ****1 ****2 ****3BG 123456 ABC BCD CDEFE 234567 ACB BCD DEFGR 345678 ABC BCD CDEI know how to import the spreadsheet to a temporary table if that would help, but the update query is the part that I can't figure out.

Then click in the appropriate location in the Word document and click the arrow below the Paste icon on the Home tab of the Ribbon and choose Paste Special.

In the resulting Paste Special dialog box shown in Figure 2, choose Paste Link and Unformatted Text.

Lastly, select and update the "Total" formula in the Word document to complete the process, as shown in Figure 3.

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If yu're going to be importing excel that will be updated, you should go to Indesign Preferences.One account balance – “Other Depreciable Property” – remains unlinked from Excel into Word.To link the remaining account balance, begin by selecting cell C22 in Excel and executing a Copy command.After changing values in column D or E, you need to recalculate the formula cells in Column F in order to get the new results. After changing values of reference cells, select the formula cells you need to recalculate, then press the F9 key.Then you can see the results of selected formula cells are updated at once.