Trend worry not updating

31 Jan

I’m cutting through all the mumbo-jumbo and contradicting predictions to bring you your best decor bets for 2017! Upholstered headboards give a room a luxurious, soft feel! If you like chippy, worn pieces with lots of character you are in luck. It’s been out for awhile, but now it just looks dated. Warm, earthy terracotta is a big, big trend in 2017! A place that is comfy and well lit will make a perfect reading area in a home. But rich, warm hues showing up to accent a room or a piece of furniture! But navy and cobalt blue and really on trend for 2017.

They are so artsy that what they predict as a trend, only the uber wealthy or somewhat eccentric would even consider putting in their homes. And we are going to look at common sense trends in home decor for 2017! With all the demands of technology, people are wanting to have a place to unplug, unwind, read a book or pull out a magazine or newspaper! Not those tacky, cheap, gold frames or colonial the brass chandeliers .

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While these trends aren’t predicted by big firms or decor experts I think they will stick around for awhile longer… Copper has had a very short run on the trend stage.

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