Taiwanese dating

28 Apr

(Nothing wrong with that, I'm not judging it, just that that attitude from guys hasn't worked for me in the past).

I prefer guys who take it slow, for whom kissing a woman means he's truly interested and it's a significant thing, and nothing less, and I'm fine with a guy who is more introverted (=/= shy).

From my understanding, the way it works (at least outside of the modern cities) is that the girls try to have (or more likely portray that they have) little or no dating history.

The men here seem to care a lot about how many partners their potential wife or girlfriend has been with (something that is alien to me – the past is the past), so the girls are careful to keep it to a minimum. Either way, once the woman is ready to get married, only then does she move out – into a house with her husband. After his schooling, he gets a job, and continues to live at home with his parents.

Hand in hand with these stories, I also read accounts of how “crazy” Taiwanese women can be if spurned.

All of my dating history was in Canada, so I was used to looking at relationships from a western perspective.

Instead, I could not believe to my ears when hearing: In the world as I know it (maybe it is just European thing), whoever offers better argument, gets to decide.

I dated a guy from mainland China for one month and I also went on a date with a Taiwanese one. Even though I don’t see it is automatic that the boy should pay for the girl all the time, there are still some basics.

Eh, I call BS on #3 (the "demure" part - everyone's attracted to charming, intelligent people - that's not news), just because my own experience has proven to me that it's not true. I don't really have much experience, but I can say #6 and #10 might be a problem, the rest are no problem at all.

The rest have a ring of truth to them for a lot of Taiwanese men, generally speaking. In fact, they are pretty descriptive of my husband (who as you know is not Taiwanese! And he's really just an amazing partner, a far better fit for me than a stereotypical 'go after what you want, nothing means anything until we agree it does' Western guy.

In California I was accustomed to guys approaching me, or guy friends showing interest from time to time.

I always felt if I didn’t have one dating option, I’d have one on the horizon relatively soon.