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07 Mar

Tracking incremental changes can be accomplished using triggers or marking records, but these solutions can also affect performance and are usually quite complex.The change data capture (CDC) feature introduced in SQL Server 2008 provides an efficient framework for tracking inserts, updates, and deletes in tables in a SQL Server database.2- Create another OLE DB Source for destination table.As the DBA at the XYZ Company, you've been assigned the task of creating a report that shows sales order data.Let's say we start with updating one or two columns but later we needed to add third column in Update query.To handle this situation we have to open our SSIS Package every time and update update query.We want to achieve this without opening our SSIS Package.

I am wondering if there is a way to "refresh" somehow the SSIS package so I don't have to rebuild and redeploy it.Let's keep it simple and use the Adventure Works DW2012 database as the source for our data, which you can download here.reza_rad at Experts Exchange Reza Raad at Microsoft Tech Net SSIS blogs: SSIS Team Blog Todd Mc Dermid's Blog Pedro's Blog SSIS Junkie (Jamie Thomson) Rafael Salas SSIS Talk (Phil Brammer) SSISBI (Duane Douglas) Shahriar Nikkhah's Blog BI Solutions ( Amin's BI blog ) Previously I’ve wrote about design and implementation an UPSERT with SSIS.Related: Transforming Data Using SSIS and SQL One challenge in feeding data from an OLTP database to an operational data store (ODS) is keeping the data in sync.The target tables in the ODS can be entirely reloaded from the source on a regular schedule, but this has performance implications on the source and target databases.