Sql updating a table from itself

17 May

Consider the following code: The above code updates 10000 rows at a time and the loop continues till @@rowcount has a value greater than zero. Best practices while updating large tables in SQL Server1.Always use a WHERE clause to limit the data that is to be updated2.how to rename it as just ‘price’sp_rename ‘pricing.[price ]’ , ‘[price]’sp_rename ‘pricing.[price]’ , ‘price’ this above query is not working.sp_rename ‘pricing.[price ]’ , ‘[price]’due to above query the column is showing with [ ] eg..'[price]’.How to change it into ‘price’ means without bracketsp_rename ‘pricing.[price ]’ , ‘price’ this query is not working, kindly advice methankssp_RENAME ‘Table Name.[Old Column Name]’ , ‘[New Column Name]’, ‘COLUMN’Square brackets should not be used around New Column Name.

X INTO @T VALUES(1),(2),(3) /*Both have 3 rows*/ SELECT * FROM #T SELECT * FROM @T ROLLBACK /*Only table variable now has rows*/ SELECT * FROM #T SELECT * FROM @T DROP TABLE #T transaction log.

Suppose you want to update a column with the value 0, if it that column contains negative value.

Let us also assume that there are over 2 million row in that column that has a negative value.

We can verify this by running script:while rename a column i have given [ ](bracket while rename a column) so it resulted with the bracket under that column like ‘[price]’.

Now, the table name “Table_First” is renamed as “Table_Last”.“Table_First” will no longer be available in database.