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17 Apr

It was while working at Shiplake that Turner designed his No.1 Model Steam Engine.

The known history of the horse in Britain starts with horse remains found in Pakefield, Suffolk, dating from 700,000 BC, and in Boxgrove, West Sussex, dating from 500,000 BC.

Fast coaches pulled by teams of horses with Thoroughbred blood could make use of improved roads, and coaching inn proprietors owned hundreds of horses to support the trade.

Steam power took over the role of horses in agriculture from the mid-19th century, but horses continued to be used in warfare for almost another 100 years, as their speed and agility over rough terrain remained unequalled.

To be fair, most of you out there could probably bang one of these out in a fortnight but first I needed to learn how to rebuild an engine, weld aluminium, braze, use a lathe, roll metal, make cables, and trickiest of all, learn to read American.

CL77s didn’t make it to the UK (apart from six CL72s that disappeared from the docks in ’62) so parts and knowledge had to come from across the pond.