Speed dating fast impressions

11 May

Shallow as it may seem, we all know people make their mind up about a person within the first few minutes of meeting.With speed dating, you have six minutes to impress and be impressed.Doctors give us dating fever whilst politicians just leave us cold.A study conducted by 'Fast Impressions' on eligible professions revealed that doctors are the most dateable profession for both men and women, whilst politicians were ranked amongst the least desirable.This event was similar to traditional speed dating, but with a twist.Instead of daters sitting at tables, they met their potential matches in the backseat of eleven different Chevy cars, ranging from an electric model, The Chevrolet Volt, to a luxury sedan, the Cadillac SRX.

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Conversely, whilst the majority of women considered male models sexy, they wouldn't date one", says Anna Saunders, Fast Impressions General Manager.

If you are a parent, try an event that’s aimed at people with children.

Beginners should try standard events, which are aimed at their age group. So when your date walks up to you, greet them with a warm smile and a friendly hello.

If you find a compelling companion, jot his or her name on your 'Date Mate' scorecard and Speed LA will exchange your information within 24 hours, taking all the pressure of your shoulders.

Sip cocktails as you socialize with your beau to be.