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26 Mar

This is the first Disney Channel Original Series to be shot and aired in high-definition from the beginning.

Like most of Disney Channel's sitcoms, it is shot on tape but uses a "filmized" appearance.

Recurring cast members and guest stars this season include Michael Kostroff, Nancy Mc Keon, Vicki Lewis, G.

Hannelius, Estelle Harris, Carol Locatell, Larry Gelman, Lou Ferrigno, Shaquille O'Neal, Allstar Weekend, Joe Jonas and Raven-Symoné.

Sonny: *jealous of Cassie* Where are you guys going?

Cassie: Chad and I are hanging out tonight and I really wanted to spend more time with him.

She tried to put a stop to her mother's watching, but became a fan of the show as well.

Instead of finishing her science project, she ended up watching Mackenzie Falls instead.

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When Tawni objects, Sonny thinks it is because she is jealous."Falling for the Falls" is the tenth and eleventh episode in the second season and a two-part episode of Sonny With a Chance.Part 1 aired June 13th, 2010 and Part 2 aired June 20th, 2010. Tawni: *reads Sonny's text, about to reply* Sonny: TAWNI! Cassie: I need to talk about our plans for ths afternoon.