Slow updating portage cache

10 May

The developer manual says, ‘If an ebuild defines a function that is exported, this gets priority over any eclass version.

This can be used to override eclass-defined defaults’.

The following optimizations were tested: Another possible optimization is setting emerge’s niceness to a more appropriate level, but I didn’t get around to testing it.

The first test was timing the build process for kdelibs (without ccache and after a cold boot as explained above).

slow updating portage cache-31slow updating portage cache-35slow updating portage cache-52

That should work, though I haven't tested it; instead I did it the hard way.

Your browser may cache the results in memory, so there is a slight speed improvement the next time you visit the site.

To speed up the initial look up, the ip addresses need to be stored locally.

The overlay repository is maintained by Layman and the name of the overlay is ‘mysql’.

— I’m using it to gain access to My SQL 5.7, which hasn’t arrived in the main repository yet. My edits to this file — no matter which version I edit — are ignored.