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25 Jan

The scammer will later explain that she’s from Russia but couldn’t select it as an option on the dating site.

In the first few letters the scammer will say what a good woman she is and how hard life is in Russia.

The software can work quickly too, establishing up to 10 relationships in 30 minutes, PC Tools said.

Russian news outlets are having trouble reporting exactly which image of the Internet's many Putin-gay-clown memes is now illegal to share. But the picture was described last week on the Russian government's list of things that constitute “extremism.” Item 4071: a picture of a Putin-like person “with eyes and lips made up,” captioned with an implicit anti-gay slur, implying “the supposed nonstandard sexual orientation of the president of the Russian Federation.” The Moscow Times thinks it probably looks like this: A Russian court has banned an image suggesting Putin is gay & sentenced the culprit to compulsory psychiatric care. Ul OO5r6lp DHcnd Y5 — The Moscow Times (@Moscow Times) April 5, 2017 That poster became popular in 2013, after Russia passed a law banning propagandizing to children about “nontraditional sexual relations,” and gay rights protesters were beaten and arrested.

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