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31 Mar

The easiest to get to is at Pissouri, on the west of the island, halfway on the road between Paphos and Limassol.

You can reach it by driving to Columbia Pissouri Hotel carpark and then walking down on the path to the left. New gay sauna in Cyprus, offering 4-dimensional fun.

I’ve met many charming men who have been very nice to me.

A law passed last year specifies that only women under the age of 50 can receive fertility treatment.Northern Cyprus, for instance, is the only place in Europe where you can choose the sex of your baby using this method – a highly controversial choice that is likely to go if Cyprus is re-united and the north is obliged to follow EU law.Cutts’ age, and the fact that she already has four grown up children and four grand children, meant that the nurse from Boston, Lincolnshire could not receive treatment in Britain and came to Cyprus instead.But to let you into a secret, Cyprus's best beaches are tucked away in rocky coves on the Akamas Peninsula, north of Paphos, and they are accessible only on foot, or by car over pitted dirt roads. The big question facing every visitor to the island.Cyprus has been divided into two separate states since 1974, when the northern half of the island was occupied by Turkish troops following a Greek nationalist coup.