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28 Feb

There something in the water here that makes Jersey dads absolutely terrifying.Maybe it’s the same thing that makes the bagels delicious.After the boy’s testimony, Magistrate District Judge Maggie Snow, sitting in Bucks County, moved the case up to the Court of Common Pleas, the equivalent of Superior Court in New Jersey.Pennsylvania does not have a criminal indicting grand jury, so Wednesday was the time for the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office to make a prima facie case of Barson’s guilt to convince the judge to move the matter to the higher court.The Interpersonal Violence Clinician and Men's Engagement Manager (Manager) will provide short-term clinical interventions and victim advocacy, and serve as the prevention specialist focused on mentoring and engaging men.The Manager will develop and implement men's programming initiatives geared toward enhancing awareness and challenging gender stereotypes, increasing the community's understanding of interpersonal violence dynamics, and reducing behaviors that lead to both perpetration and victimization.Either you’re going to break her heart and her billions of loyal friends and family members are going to quietly murder you, or you’re going to have a heart attack at age 40 thanks to a lifetime of pork roll, egg, and cheese breakfasts. New Jersey is the densest state in the country and has too many towns and cities.It’ll be a happy 40 years, but only 40 years nonetheless. You’re going to be lost all the time, and when you take a wrong turn, you’re going to have to navigate MC Escher roads with jughandles and loopedy-loos packed with aggressive drivers.

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We aim to contribute to a campus culture in which interpersonal violence has no place and our distinctive community of learning is free to flourish.The sexual harassment lawyers at the Arcé Law Group law firm represent clients in Newark, Jersey City, and Princeton, New Jersey.Our lawyers also handle cases in throughout New York City, New York, Washington D. Our group of compassionate employment law attorneys are here to guide you through the complex legal process.But what is the line between an annoyance and unlawful behavior?Our sexual harassment lawyers at the Arcé Law Group wants you to understand how the law defines sexual harassment so you feel comfortable and informed bringing your sexual harassment case to court.