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07 May

What we do know is that Stone Temple Pilots first rose to prominence with their first album, 1992’s In 1995, Weiland — who has been diagnosed as bipolar — was arrested for purchasing crack, but only received probation.At this point, his drug use actually got worse, and he holed himself into a hotel where he and Courtney Love spent most of their time engaged in drug use.I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to hook up with these guys.Duff said, ‘There’s soundtrack stuff we’ve been asked to do, and the money’s great.’ The money attracted me. There was a certain commercial calculation behind it.

At the same time, Weiland was ­experiencing episodes of paranoia and mania caused by his bipolar disorder.He moved back to California as a teenager and attended Edison High School in Huntington Beach and Orange Coast College.In 1986 Weiland met bassist Robert De Leo at a Black Flag concert in Long Beach, California.2 on the Billboard 200, and two since STP fired him for announcing a solo tour of its ­greatest hits without the band's blessing.But in March 2015, Weiland was back with a new studio album, , and a band he believed in, The Wildabouts, when guitarist Jeremy Brown -- whom Weiland considered one of his best friends -- failed to show up for rehearsal.