Rickenbacker dating

29 Apr

In 1901, Mackay started the Commercial Pacific Cable Company to begin transpacific telegraph operations.

Additionally, Great Northern Cable Company and Eastern Telegraph Company were added to the ever growing Mackay-Bennett system.

This clue lead to the design of three stained glass free-form guitars.

I wanted to present a variety of designs, hoping he would select one or more and order a commission.

The body is carved from a single piece of maple and precision fitted with a solid back.

The maple neck features dual truss rods and a rosewood fretboard with dot inlays.

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He worked in the mines but eventually formed a partnership with three other Comstock investors, Fair, Flood and O'Brian and the four invested their way to wealth on the Comstock.

The three guitar designs ended up being released on Opus One.

It was after the designs were released that I actually constructed the Guitar.

Single-coil pickups deliver an output range from clean tones to biting overdrive.

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