Reporting services validating parameters rsvp christian dating

26 Apr

Excel services does not support data validation and any workbook containing data validation will not be loaded by Excel Calculation Services (ECS).

Hi there, I am writing a simple report using SSRS 2005 where user selects the start date and end date , and data which was added between start date and end date is displayed.

So how do you create an Optional Query Parameter in SQL Server Reporting Services?

In SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) we can't enable/disable an SSRS report parameter; if we have created a parameter then the user has to provide a value for the parameter.

As you can see there are many options for validating data entry.

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If a value is not provided, then the query will return all records.Custom code is on option but i could not figure out how to implement that with parameters. Following is the method i used to make it work in case someone else is in same situation : You need to add a function to validate the parameters.Go to the Report Properties under the Report menu and place this code to the Code Tab.I created to date parameters and user can select dates from there.The issue is SSRS is allowing user to select the End date which is prior to selected Start Date.