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18 May

That's the case with this "Red Hot" compilation, which doesn't mean much of it doesn't have it's own pitiable appeal.A case in point is the album's opener, Freedom Cruise's "Sensational Gravity Boy," a characteristically tuneful and verbose Guided by Voices number that finds the new rock darlings working in tandem with the Breeders' Kim and Kelley Deal.Though not every artist here is the cream of the crop, enough Grade A contributions make the endeavor more than a bit successful.Highlights include "Sensational Gravity Boy" from the Robert Pollard-fronted Freedom Cruise; Built to Spill Caustic Resin's sterling "Still Flat" (even though it appears in a bolder, fleshier form on their eponymous EP); Lisa Germano's fragile, fractured acoustic ditty; the shambolic grandeur of "Some Fantasy" from the criminally ignored Verlaines; a subtle song from the Sea and Cake; East River Pipe's poetic, sad "Miracleland"; a bubbly, droll version of "Hopeless" from Future Bible Heroes; and the indie Television-lite stylings of Flying Nuns.Sure, it’s a bit superficial, but its game-ified approach to flirting is also more than a little addicting and has taken off among the Snap Chat generation, beginning with college campuses.In fact, since launching in October, Tinder has spread like wildfire — a fact that, as we reported in May, has had investors and potential acquirers drooling.Today, Tinder co-founder and CEO Sean Rad tells us, users have rated over seven billion profiles, and the app has served over 100 million matches in all (and is currently adding 1.5 million matches/day and growing, he says.) Yet, for a mobile-first startup, Tinder has been missing a huge piece of the smartphone puzzle: To date, the app has only been available on the i Phone.Beginning today, however, with the arrival of Tinder for Android, the popular mobile dating app is going multi-platform, opening its doors to users of the mobile operating system that now owns over 70 percent of smartphone marketshare.

That market opportunity has led to an intricate tango among the players with a stake in the game, as automobile makers, equipment suppliers, ride-sharing services and technology giants figure out where they need one another to fill in gaps in expertise. How timely is it that ABC News announced a new study released this week with 5 scientifically backed tips for improving your chances to be picked by a good dating prospect?Khalid Khan and Sameer Chaudhry just published a study in Evidence-Based Medicine that points out 5 things that make profiles on dating sites stand out.Apparently, Chaudry told Khan he "wasn't having success finding love online" and wanted to write a better profile. Group shots with friends having fun got more attention: Group photos, both outdoors and inside, also yielded more clicks, pings and swipes from the opposite sex.5. My favorite trick is to think about the last time I had great sex to find a deep smile.Khan, a professor of Women's Health and Clinical Epidemiology at the Queen Mary University of London School of Medicine and Dentistry had no experience with online dating."I said, 'Look let's search the literature,'" Khan told ABC News. Profile names with letters toward the beginning of the alphabet got more attention: They got more clicks, pings and swipes than those whose names started with letters in the second half of the alphabet.2. Users who use simple language in the profile headline are seen as more intelligent and therefore, more attractive: Using positive language is always more desirable. Practice writing your profile with these thoughts in mind. Feel your face muscles, smile like you mean it and you WILL get more hits.