Postcard dating guide

05 Feb

-- Matt Damsker, Photography Central..absolute must for any serious collector historians or people who have the responsibility of collections of photographs...-- Editor, Postcard Pillar, Wellington, New Zealand Robert Bogdan is Distinguished Professor of Social Science at Syracuse University.

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Todd Weseloh was the librarian/archivist at the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse and has been an active collector of postcards since 1976.

The next card series began with either "A" or "R"* and were numbered from 1—124180.

From 1908 until 1913 production dates are not clear and were determined by copyright dates found on a few of the cards. After 1913, dates began to appear occasionally in the order books kept by the company and from 1922 on, production dates were well documented.

He is the author of many books including Exposing the Wilderness: Early Twentieth-Century Adirondack Postcard Photographers and Adirondack Vernacular: The Photography of Harry M.

Beach, both published by Syracuse University Press.