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08 Feb

Furthermore, the previously encountered updating problems for most SNP related databases are resolved by an on-line retrieval system.

PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) assay is a cost-effective method for SNP genotyping and mutation detection, but the manual mining for restriction enzyme sites is challenging and cumbersome.

The RFLP restriction enzymes and the corresponding PCR primers for the natural and mutagenic types of each SNP are simultaneously analyzed.

All the RFLP restriction enzyme prices are also provided to aid selection.

Composition over inheritance (or composite reuse principle) in object-oriented programming is the principle that classes should achieve polymorphic behavior and code reuse by their composition (by containing instances of other classes that implement the desired functionality) rather than inheritance from a base or parent class.

An implementation of composition over inheritance typically begins with the creation of various interfaces representing the behaviors that the system must exhibit.