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05 Apr

According to the author the aim of this paper is to enable the evaluation of TL age determinations of flint that has been heated, with some of the parameters used for the determination of age and some of their relationships being discussed.It is shown that for heated flint the reliability of the TL results depend on the proportion of the various dose-rate parameters, and the importance of these in the evaluation of ages.

Recently the Holsteinian interglacial was correlated on the basis of radiometric dates with MIS 9, 300 k.a. The Early Middle Paleolithic in the North-German Lowlands, defined by the use of the Levallois technique, comprises sites which are stratigraphically underlying the Drenthe and Warthe ice advances.

(sometimes l.c.) of, designating, or characteristic of the early phase of the Stone Age: usu.

divided into three periods (Lower Paleolithic, c2,000,000–c200,000 b.c., Middle Paleolithic, c150,000–c40,000 b.c., Upper Paleolithic, c40,000–c10,000 b.c.).

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For the dating of Palaeolithic sites thermoluminescence (TL) has been widely used.