Online dating match affinity

24 Feb

You can ask them to allow you see their photographs and show yours.

Another very helpful and much appreciated service is the Match Affinity support service where you can receive relationship coaching and advice via telephone.

£9.99 1st month, no big deal worth trying out, you might think.

But you will be debited £44.95 every month there after.

I understand they have a very low number of new members and can only think this is why they are conning their new members with fake introductory offers that cost you twice.

I signed up after using Match which if I'm being honest I found acceptable and to be fair again I would probably recommend.

But these aren’t the only reasons why paying for an online dating site will put you a cut above people using free sites.

This helps you pre-screen those members that might be more similar to you in their way of thinking before you have any contact with them.I carried out the initial survey section then left it for a bit before completing and finally paying my subscription.I cancelled after approximately three days as it is total nonsense.That said, it isn’t just a bunch of random questions that someone came up with during their lunch hour – according to matchaffinity, the test has been put together by an expert group of psychologists specialised in psychometrics and the dynamics of human relationships.There are around one hundred questions covering 71 different psychological criteria from fundamental values to views on family life.