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06 Apr

The longer a man's SPL, the longer his erect penis length, according to studies done on brave young men who volunteered to have erection-stimulating penis injections.

To learn your SPL, measure the penis while it's flaccid.

Men worried about their penis size usually have some other excuse for seeing a doctor, says Bruce R. You might think that as long a man's penis works, he would have no problem with it. Here's an example: Over a two-year period, 67 men asked an Italian hospital for surgical correction of a small penis. "A few days ago, I had a patient who spent an hour taking measurements of his penis and thinking it is too small," Gilbert says. So how can a man know if he's normal, super-sized, or small?

Gilbert, MD, Ph D, director of reproductive and sexual medicine at the Smith Institute for Urology in Lake Success, N. "When they come in for something else, they ask, 'Oh, by the way, I am concerned about the length of my penis,'" Gilbert tells Web MD. But some are aged 40 to 50, and some even older men ask." The vast majority of these men are in for a surprise. Not by his shoe size, a common and disproved myth about estimating penis length.

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But behind the closed doors of a doctor's examining room, it's a common question. Palmer, MD, chief of pediatric urology at Cohen Children's Medical Center, New Hyde Park, N. "Fathers often will ask it about their sons -- and, while in the office, will ask about themselves," Palmer tells Web MD. Yet when he's not boasting to other men, the average man significantly underestimates the relative size of his penis. Never mind that 85% of heterosexual women say they are satisfied with their partners' penis parameters. Many more worry about how their penis looks when it's limp, studies find.

That's a question that men aren't likely to ask their friends or sex partners.

Like so much else in life, direct measurement is the key.

Men may be surprised to learn that penis length isn't measured on the erect penis. Instead, the most reliable penis measurement is called SPL -- stretched penis length.