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01 Feb

Restrictions are as follows: Everybody onsite needs an entry ticket.

Each ticket holding adult can bring two children up to 10 year olds FOC.

The novel includes 388 endnotes that cap almost a thousand pages of prose; these endnotes, together with the book's detailed fictional world, have led some to categorize it as an encyclopedic novel. Corporations are allowed the opportunity to bid for and purchase naming rights for each calendar year, replacing traditional numerical designations with ostensibly honorary monikers bearing corporate names. In the novel's world, each year is subsidized by a specific corporate sponsor for tax revenue.

Ghostbusters This is an exceptionally violent and subversive movie which had to be tamed for TV!One major plus for going to the cinema is that you nearly always get to see the film as the director intended.But that might be true if you catch it on TV, where strange forces are at work protecting you from the dark side of the universe.When an adult books their ticket, the option to add two children’s ticket FOC is available10 Year olds and under enter free accompanied by a ticket holding adult (18 years and over)11 to 15 Year olds and under pay full price but must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult (18 years and over).16 and 17 Year olds pay full price and do not need to be accompanied by a ticket holding adult. It is possible exposure to loud music may cause damage to hearing particularly with the very young.As such, if you are attending with children we recommended you bring ear defenders.