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18 Apr

When a nib file that contains a view object is loaded, each view instance receives an behavior when creating view instances in Interface Builder.

Its important to understand these exceptions to ensure that your views initialize properly.

See Cocoa Drawing Guide and Cocoa Event Handling Guide (especially "Handling Mouse Events" and "Mouse Events"). The default behavior for responders is to pass events up the responder chain, which is not the behavior you typically want if you handle events in a custom view.

I have a few Cocoa UI elements with outlet connexions to an object instantiated within an NSView object, which is in turn put there by an NSView Controller.

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This method is the perfect spot to perform deferred or pending layout.This allows the item's properties to be reset to their default values, shown later.The implementation in method provides an opportunity to provide initialization of a view when it is created as a result of a nib file being loaded.These elements, a definite progress bar and a text label, are not updating: the progress bar is dead and empty despite having its value change constantly, the text label does not unhide through [text Label set Hidden: NO], the text label does not change its string. EDIT: As suggested, I called [self perform Selector On Main Thread:@selector(update Progress:) with Object:[NSNumber number With Int:my Object] wait Until Done: NO].(I've also tried wait Until Done: YES.) It's still not updating.