Nick and selena dating

19 May

Singer and actress Selena Gomez was born in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Her father is Mexican-American, and she is named after famed Tejano singer Selena.

She recorded a number of songs for Disney projects, including a cover of “Cruella de Vil” for Disney Mania 6, a song for the movie .

Selena is an active philanthropist working with groups including UNICEF, St.

It was the first time that Selena and Demi were spotted together and on good terms since early 2014.

It’s no secret that Selena and Demi had a huge falling out, some believed it was because of Demi’s dislike of Justin Bieber – and others believed it was because Demi was trying to stay sober and Selena had a drinking problem. How can you have a falling out in less than two weeks?

Selena Gomez has turned in to quite the little man-eater this year, and Nick Jonas was one of her recent victims.

Demi Lovato is best-friends with Nick Jonas and very protective of him, in an interview earlier this month she wouldn’t discuss Nick’s relationship with Selena, but stated she just wanted Nick “to be happy.” If Selena chewed Nick up and spat him out, like the rest of her recent conquests, that would definitely explain her very recent falling out with Demi Lovato.

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez fans went into a frenzy last month when the two celebs appeared to have rekindled their friendship and posted a selfie on Instagram on September 10.

“I’ve enjoyed meeting different people and spending time with people with all the cards on the table. And at my age too, dating is important, getting to know yourself by meeting different people, seeing what it’s all about.” Luckily for Nick, he avoided an encounter with Lily’s dad, who is known as much for his sharp tongue as his drumming skills. I’ve been to one of his shows with Genesis at the Hollywood Bowl.

When I asked Nick if he was scared of getting on the wrong side of the Genesis star, he replied: “I wouldn’t want to do that. It was great.” Lily isn’t the only lady to attract Nick’s attention since he split from Miss Universe girlfriend Olivia Culpo last year.

Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and RAISE Hope For Congo.

Romantically, Selena has been tied to Taylor Lautner, Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber, and Zedd.