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The selection of activities throughout the area ranges from cycling, horse riding, rock climbing and hiking to exploring the nature reserve.Everything only a ten-minute walk distance from Gran Hotel Son Net!We offer a selection of subscription models: If you have received an e-mail confirmation of your membership being cancelled, yet are still being charged, please contact us so that we can more closely investigate the matter.Under normal circumstances, a membership cancellation automatically prevents any further billing.The benefits lists, though, lack detail on whether things like screenings and treatment for hypertension, high cholesterol or diabetes will also be covered. Moss Hampton, WHAC member and chair of the OB-GYN department at Texas Tech Health Science Center in Midland, said when patients visit his clinic for a well-woman exam or birth control, they often have other problems like breast lumps, respiratory issues or high cholesterol.Striking the appropriate balance between covering traditional family planning services and primary care is key, he said.The Expanded Family Planning Program will cover the same services, plus prenatal care.For the last eight months, the Women’s Health Advisory Committee (WHAC) — made up of family planning providers, advocates and physicians — has been working with the agency to retool the safety net ahead of the programs’ July 1 launch.

With an attractive pink façade, Gran Hotel Son Net sits in carefully tended gardens with a delightful patio that melds into the hillside.

Monthly memberships are billed upon sign-up and every 30 days thereafter until cancelled.

Three-month memberships are billed upon sign-up and every 90 days thereafter until cancelled.

The redesign comes four years after the Legislature cut family planning funding by more than two-thirds and then created a complicated, and less effective and efficient, web of services in the wake of lawmakers’ ouster of Planned Parenthood as a safety net provider.

According to the draft rules, the new Healthy Texas Women (HTW) program — a consolidation of what is now the Texas Women’s Health Program and the Expanded Primary Health Care program — will cover birth control, lab testing, vaccines and breast and cervical cancer screenings.