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29 Apr

Visceral fat is packed deeper in the abdominal cavity and around the internal organs, whereas "regular" fat is stored below the skin (known as subcutaneous fat).

Visceral fat is particularly unhealthy because it is a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes.

Therefore, the key to avoid storing excess fat around your middle is controlling your cortisol response, or the amount of stress on your body.

Here are four leading ways to banish belly bulge, and be sure to watch this 10 Minutes to a Flat Stomach video for a fast routine to tigthen your midsection.1. Missing meals will increase cortisol levels, so aim to eat three to four meals spread as evenly as possible throughout the day.

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Facebook will allow users to livestream self-harm and suicide attempts because it doesn't want to censor or punish people in distress, according to the documents."The slashings tend to be a gang reaction to something that is happening," says Ponte.In fact, one of the inmates involved in the January 18 slashing has been identified by a jail source as 38-year-old Michael Walcott, a former Bloods gang member, who was arrested in a massive takedown of 62 other people in 2014.This may include extremely low-calorie diets (fasting or starvation), infection, lack of quality sleep, emotional trauma, or intense exercise, as well as daily stressors such as job pressure or relationship trouble.Stress and cortisol alone do not make you fat, but research has linked high cortisol levels with storage of body fat, particularly visceral belly fat.