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01 Apr

[caption id="attachment_32324" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Universal"][/caption] Five years before his 1983, 14-minute masterpiece "Thriller" would forever change the way music videos were created and perceived, the King of Pop was donning a wig and hay for his role as Scarecrow in Sidney Lumet's "The Wiz," an urban retelling of the "The Wizard of Oz." After "Thriller," the singer would go on to star in Francis Ford Coppola's "Captain EO" and as himself in the bizarrely wonderful "Moonwalker." Jackson also had a brief but memorable cameo in "Men In Black 2." MJ in a film about weird, alien beings. [caption id="attachment_32287" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Fox Searchlight"][/caption] "Rapper-turned-actor" is a cliché that's nearly as old as hip-hop itself.

Yet The Artist Formerly Known as Lil Bow Wow successfully parlayed his musical success -- dude was 11 when his debut album dropped -- into film with the surprisingly popular 2002 basketball film "Like Mike." But it was his lead in the memorable 2005 coming-of-age dramedy "Roll Bounce," however, that convinced us Bow Wow had the right moves for the big screen. ), there are notable roles in "Training Day," "Starsky & Hutch" and our favorite: the urban horror film "Hood of Horror." In keeping with his acceptance of any single thing offered to him, the rapper has lent his smooth, distinguishable voice to a number of animated films and has executive produced numerous non-animated porns, including the brilliantly named "Snoop Dogg's Buckwild Bus Tour." Add on a series of documentary narrations and you have a damn near one-man acting empire.

Many other members of Schwartzman's family are involved in film: he is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, cousin of Nicolas Cage, Sofia Coppola, Roman Coppola and Christopher Coppola, and grandson of Italia Coppola (née Pennino) and Carmine Coppola.

The following list -- dug up in honor of this Sunday's Video Music Awards on MTV -- is proof that not all musicians are created equal when it comes to their acting abilities.

And in fact, if your goal is to play your absolute best, beta-blockers may hold you back. Think of the last time you nearly got into an accident on the freeway, went on a first date, or had an important audition. Though we tend to be preoccupied with the physical effects of anxiety, there are studies which suggest that the mental and emotional components of performance anxiety are more to blame for poor performances than the physical elements.

Essentially, any time you are faced with a stressful, new, or challenging situation, an alarm goes off in your body and all of the systems related to strength and energy turn on, and all other non-essential systems (immune system, digestive system, reproductive system, growth processes, etc.) temporarily shut down.

Schwartzman was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of actress Talia Shire (née Coppola) and the late producer Jack Schwartzman.

Schwartzman's brother is actor and musician Robert Schwartzman, and his paternal half-siblings are Stephanie and cinematographer John Schwartzman.