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17 May

Johnny: Denny, two’s great, but three’s a crowd, ha-ha. There’s a lot of water and rose petals and naked boobs. Afterwards they lie awkwardly in bed together, and Lisa seems bored with Johnny as he sleeps. Denny exits, and a three-minute love scene commences, scored to terrible R&B. He supports you, he provides for you, and darling, you can’t support yourself. Mark: I mean the candles, the music, the sexy dress, I mean, what’s going on here? Johnny: (removing sunglasses) Yeah, can I have a dozen red roses, please? grade curriculum for the five district high schools, arguing it was inappropriate for their 13 and 14-year olds.They hired a local lawyer and put together a petition with more than 2500 signatures.

Claudette: Well, I’m glad you’re listening to your mother.

And then there was this: “[One] kind of sex game is bondage and discipline, in which restriction of movement (e.g.

using handcuffs or ropes) or sensory deprivation (using blindfolds or masks) is employed for sexual enjoyment. I frankly don’t want her debating with other 13-year-olds how well the adult film industry is practicing safe sex.” Another parent, Asfia Ahmed, who has eight and ninth grade boys, adds: “It assumes the audience is already drinking alcohol, already doing drugs, already have multiple sexual partners…Even if they are experimenting at this age, it says atypical sexual behaviors are normal.

See full summary » Fundamentalist sect member Becky Lyn is accused of killing her husband.

Queenie, another wife in the polygamist sect, doesn't believe Becky Lyn is capable of such violence and desperate to ...