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25 Jan

Or perhaps at a Pacific coastal hideaway with the crashing surf just beyond your back yard?Maybe you want city distractions to keep you occupied in your retirement years..perhaps you yearn for nothing more than a few private acres in a cool mountain region where your neighbors would be few and the views and the climate idyllic... If you're considering your options for living, retiring, investing, or doing business overseas, each of the resources below will help you not only choose, but get you on your way to making the move a reality.Together, these 12 categories represent the most important criteria that a would-be retiree should consider when shopping the globe for the best place to hang his hat.Specifically, these criteria are: is the best way to introduce yourself to the exciting but tricky world of overseas retirement.Whether you're in search of a new home where the cost of living is absurdly low..a place where the transition is easy and the language is English..choices are many. Top 2017 Overseas Options Revealed In Full Cheapest, safest,, best infrastructure, best health and most foreign resident-friendly...

It just adds speed to the breed, said Swain who shares in the ownership of the three year old with his wife Wendy. In the score up from barrier one Share The Road broke for driver Dexter Dunn and a false start was declared by starter Ben Ward.

Radiation at Fukushima nuclear power station rising to 1,000 times normal levels, according to unconfirmed reports.

Experts say the No1 Reactor at the nuclear plant is 40 years old. Japan's waking up to the devastation of yesterday. More reports of missing trains: four now declared missing, one derailed.

Trainer Peter Hunter may be confined to the kitchen for a while, making his favourite bangers and mash, and because of the way his team is going on the race track at the moment he's afraid he may have to stay there.

The Ryal Bush trainer has been sidelined after being concussed in a nasty smash on Diamonds Day at Ascot Park at the end of last month.