Lawyers client intimidating

25 Feb

Some days it feels like there is a giant target on your back — which, basically, there is.

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Respondent exploited financial leverage and threats of violence and self-harm in attempting to coerce JD into communicating or meeting with him, and Respondent repeatedly carried through on his threats to disseminate intimate photos of JD and various unsupported accusations regarding her character to JD’s family, friends, academic and professional acquaintances, and the general public.

“Respondent showed up unannounced at JD’s residence, peeping into her bedroom window.

The obligation prescribed in Rule 1.2(d) not to counsel a client to commit or assist the client in committing a fraud applies in litigation.

Regarding compliance with Rule 1.2(d), see the Comment to that Rule. Legal Argument[4] Legal argument based on a knowingly false representation of law constitutes dishonesty toward the tribunal.