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12 Mar

Since then, D’Souza has had a prominent career as a writer, scholar, and public intellectual, and has also become a renowned filmmaker with his top-grossing documentaries 2016: Obama’s America and America.

In her senior year, she was the newspaper's editor-in-chief, its first female editor. Jeffrey Hart, the faculty adviser for The Dartmouth Review described Ingraham as having "the most extreme anti-homosexual views imaginable", claiming "she went so far as to avoid a local eatery where she feared the waiters were homosexual." In 1997, she wrote an essay in the Washington Post in which she stated that she changed her views on homosexuality after witnessing "the dignity, fidelity, and courage" with which her gay brother Curtis and his partner coped with AIDS.

Despite the end of her relationship with Reyes too, she remains close friends with him. She has a daughter Maria Caroline from Guatemala and two sons Michael Dmitri and Nikolai Peter from Russia.

As of now, she is single thus giving rise to Laura Ingraham lesbian rumors.

Caption: Laura Ingraham was previously engaged to Indian American political commentator Dinesh D’Souza.

Despite experiencing brittle relationships, she has proved herself as a strong mother with lots of love for her children.