Karrie webb dating

02 May

It is fairly common knowledge around here that she is a lesbian.

As a matter of fact, Karrie Webb has been here with her, and I have been told by others that they have/are dating.

But the girl in the bathtub wasn't the real Jan Stephenson. Other female players have not always shared your view. Carol Mann and Jane Blalock said, "We were wrong." Does the LPGA have other problems? There should be a qualifying school for Americans and a qualifying school for international players.

The real Jan was compulsively working on her game, trying to win championships. She loved to surf and was more interested in catching the right wave than the right guy. Recently she got her hands dirty and built her own golf course. And she continues, in her own way, to carry the torch for women's golf. This is probably going to get me in trouble, but the Asians are killing our tour. Their lack of emotion, their refusal to speak English when they can speak English. We have two-day pro-ams where people are paying a lot of money to play with us, and they say hello and goodbye. If I were commissioner, I would have a quota on international players and that would include a quota on Asian players. I'm Australian, an international player, but I say America has to come first.

She won the Women's British Open that year (it was not yet considered a major) and earned Rookie of the Year honors on the European tour.At the time, it provided women's golf its largest audience ever.Webb qualified for entry to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2000, but was not eligible for induction until she had played ten LPGA Tour events in each of ten seasons. Women's Open gets underway Thursday, all eyes will be on the LPGA Tour's new, young breed to climb the leaderboard. Since then, it has been voted a top course for women in America. The course is a Donald Ross design that opened in 1928.