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26 May

Yahoo's is among the more than 30 Web sites devoted to personals.A recent Jupiter Research study said that more than 34 million people have visited online personals and the average user spends 13 hours a month on the sites.It will also search for clues about how the planet formed, including whether it has a rocky core, the amount of water present within the deep atmosphere, mass distribution, and its deep winds, which can reach speeds of 618 kilometers per hour (384 mph).Juno is powered only by solar arrays, commonly used by satellites orbiting Earth and working in the inner Solar System, whereas radioisotope thermoelectric generators are commonly used for missions to the outer Solar System and beyond. 7, 1995, and undertook its tour of Jupiter over the next two years.During this time the spacecraft studied not only studied Europa but also other Jovian satellites, especially (and appropriately) the other "Galilean satellites" discovered by Galileo almost 400 years before.This report details how teens are using technology and the internet to shape and mold their romantic relationships.

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As Valentine's Day approaches, all is not lovey-dovey in the high-stakes online dating industry.

Galileo's death occurred by design when it was sent on a collision course with Jupiter on Sept.

21, 2003 and burned up in Jupiter's dense atmosphere.

For Juno, however, the three largest solar array wings ever deployed on a planetary probe play an integral role in stabilizing the spacecraft as well as generating power. The god Jupiter drew a veil of clouds around himself to hide his mischief, and his wife, the goddess Juno, was able to peer through the clouds and reveal Jupiter's true nature.

The spacecraft performed an orbit insertion burn to slow it enough to allow capture.