Julian dating system

04 Mar

For example, in this usage, the Julian date for the calendar date of 1998-02-28 would be day 59.Instructions: Use this tool to convert between date and Julian (yyddd) date formats.Download julian calendar (2004) as a pdf file, fairly easy to estimate if in grocery store figuring out coding of item.

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Only bill in congress is HR 2699, deals with state rights (scroll down to G 1).

The following day will begin the first day of the second Julian date period (or 7,980 year cycle).

meaning 2,451,919 elapsed days since the beginning of the Julian cycle.

I will email the vendor for information, if they are uncooperative - I will list them as such.

If this page is circulated via the email brigade, it may influence more vendors to code expiration dates in easy to understand English.