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18 Mar

Here is why that happens, and how you can use it to swim faster in training.Coach Arthur Albiero: “I am very excited about the opportunity to share my 30 years of competitive swimming experience with you.

Special guest Fred Rapheal from Bank of America gave us some money savings tips for youth today plus we list : 1.

His topic of discussion was “How to Build Wealth in the African-American Family.” Mr.

Harrison addressed some very crucial realities among Blacks in the area of finances.

Special thanks to Denise Hill and Mike Jones of IBN broadcasting for their support and opportunity. Len our voice of reason and Acedasolo engineer extraordinaire! This week we did a special spotlight on education highlighting Stephen Stafford II 14 year-old junior at Morehouse, simply AMAZING!!! It didn't spot there, we also took a look at Jordan Christopher Coleman who is a young man on a mission.

and of course my brother Mike Neron ( Neron Photography) our photographer who keeps all our different looks and history which you will see soon. Take videos at special events and become a videographer. At 14-years-old, he's a filmmaker, actor, author, education activist and athlete.