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03 Apr

On Vine, everything is new and shiny and hasn’t been done before.Right now, and for a limited time, you can take videos of your food without shame: You’re just seeing how this Vine thing works, after all.Extreme infancy is a fascinating time to look at any new platform.If it’s a fad like chatroulette, its infancy is all there will be; if it lasts like Twitter or You Tube, how it ends up being used will be both tangentially and fundamentally related to how it was initially used.Unsurprisingly, the top user-created channels are primarily focused on sex.

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A quick primer on Vine: It’s an extremely easy-to-use app that allows users to simultaneously shoot and edit very short videos.The video of Kardynal’s seasonal antics has already racked up more than 2 million views — and it’s easy to see why. COM Alternative chatroulette American English: Naked Man or naked woman, talk, meet and watch random strangers webcam, it's free!After a brief down period in late August, the site relaunched with improved saftey features, and traffic appears to have bottomed out.Vine, the six-second video app that launched last week, is in its extreme infancy.