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02 May

“It’s your flaws that make you special.”hat morning I had the Hedge Fund omelet at The Golden Pear and not only did it leave me unsatisfied, it sparked questions.He loves spoiling a woman, but he’s also very low key and just likes to chill. I find myself saying “so beautiful” so many times, from room to room, it seems I’ve forgotten basic vocabulary. It’s not the dinosaur sheets I mind; it’s that the mattress seems to be made out of wood and makes my bones hurt. I’m on the app Bumble—making the first move with a pithy “Hi,” or if there’s a cute dog, a hearty, “Hello.” I’ve been trying to get out there more—even though my building’s elevator is down for an untimely “modernization” and there are so many steps. I Googled Karen afterward and the pieces came together: she’s a professional matchmaker. She doesn’t charge the women should they be so lucky.

Held at J Spot Comedy Club, this unique speed dating party alleviates the initial nerves of meeting someone by bringing in plenty of pro comedians to lighten the mood.

The dating event is then followed by an after party featuring live music and a DJ.

It's definitely a fun, safe way to meet tons of new people in the shortest time possible.

And why was it that working with words and feelings rarely pulled in the same kind of numbers?

Should I stop dating bankers and just become one myself?