Itemupdating afterproperties

26 Mar

I am grouping the folders by content type but I don't want the group heading to say Content Type: whatever. Instead, I created a hidden column Study Type and I have an Item Adding event receiver set this field when an item is created. Now it occurred to me that the client may want to edit the folder and my event receiver must still set the proper fields to new values. I would just add an Item Updating event to my receiver have it execute the same code and all done. List Item Item Adding No value No value Null Item Added No value No value New value Item Updating Original value Changed value Original value Item Updated Original value Changed value Changed value Item Deleting No value No value Original value Item Deleted No value No value Null Also, if you are going to try to compare Before/After values, watch out for these types: People fields, rich text fields (Note), and Date Time fields. = After Value) Library Before Properties After Properties properties.

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To String() , before CType Name = null , after CType Name = null , base CType Name = mapping Handler. Sharepoint Content Type Name; foreach (SPContent Type ct in properties.

I’m trying to obtain the HTTPContext within an Event Handler in a Document Library in MOSS, but all I have is a null value of the HTTPContext.

Current, I do the same thing on a List and the HTTPContext is returned.

After Properties["Email"] will be NULL in the event receiver code.

After Properties will have the correct value, only when Email is also updated through code.