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01 Mar

Married Three White Men Although Dash had a child with R&B singer Christopher Williams and dated Black actors Damon Wayans and Jamie Foxx, there’s a perception or speculation that her three marriages to white men represents a dislike for Black men.

She was certainly in the right place for it on Sunday night - after the awards show, she and Foxx were spotted at the exclusive Vanity Fair after-party, where they chatted with Heidi Klum, along with pregnant "Precious" star Paula Patton and her crooning hubby, Robin Thicke. "They seemed to be thorougly enjoying each other's company." But at least one naysayer questions the relationship.She also says he "destroyed many of our household possessions."Xuereb is required to stay at least 100 yards from her, her two children from other relationships and their house. With all that going on and the death of her former costar Brittany Murphy, it's a wonder she looked so foxy on Foxx's arm on Oscar night!actress Stacey Dash, who were quite cozy at the Elton John party.According to his close friend, Evers was dating Nora Schweihs from Mob Wives who was a lot older tan him.‘But he really likes Stacey and he's taken her hiking and to the Sunset Tower Hotel and she's taking him with her to New York next month,’ the friend finally admitted.