Internet dating sitcom

28 Mar

Instead, hard-up Winston recently got his fix by hooking up with a bizarre bus driver who recovered his lost cat.When sitcoms do incorporate online dating into their narratives, the services are relegated to one-episode gimmicks, as when ’s Leslie Knope looked for love on the fictional Indiana dating service Hoosier Mate, only to be matched with her co-worker Tom. If sitcoms were anything like real life, at least one main player on each of these shows would be reliably seeking out some stranger via computer or phone at least once an episode.

Oxygen Digital is offering fans the opportunity to share their own “Virtually In Love” success stories on Twitter.

Mindy Lahiri, a 34-year-old New York OB-GYN who is “looking for the Channing Tatum to my ‘girl from Step Up,’ ” and Dr.

Danny Castellano, her 35-year-old co-worker who is “not sure how I feel about ‘web dating.’ ” If you make a match with Mindy or Danny, you’ll be directed to a couple of Web videos promoting the Fox sitcom. In real-world New York City, hopeless romantic Mindy and curmudgeonly divorcee Danny would absolutely take Tinder for a spin after a long day interfacing with expecting parents at the office.

As for the rest of us, it’s hard to complain about a corporate advertiser butting in on our dating lives.

Tinder’s efficient and superficial approach to matchmaking has already thoroughly commercialized the attraction process; the only difference between the Tinder ad for Mindy and the Tinder ad for ourselves is that Lahiri isn’t actually available for a nightcap.