Hsinchu dating muslim man dating christian women

09 Mar

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Judging from what you wrote in your post, I'd see you more with the latter group ...

O.k., here goes: Food: no problem, unless you are vegan. But beware, chinese vegetarians (buddhists) don't even eat garlic or chilli ... People: basically two groups: those working in the science park and English teachers.

There is plenty of shopping and 1 or 2 places you might be able to walk without inconveniencing drivers who ignore your presence. and reagarding forieners, are they more on the conservative side or will i be able to hang out with the kinky, artsy type? especially in pretty places where I'm not in danger of getting hit by a car or breathing in more carcinogens than oxygen. Pubs: everywhere downtown, I'd suggest you do a pub-crawl to see everything and take your pick, hard to say really ... Other than that there's the Green Grass Lake (Qingcao Hu) close to Minghu Lu that you can run around, but that's not too exciting.

My boss told when I was accepted my present position -- you make your money in Hsinchu but you'll spend it all in Taipei -- thats as true now as it was then. I'm vegetarian - will i be able to eat or will I have to forage for vegetables? Across the 18 Peak Park, on the other side of Baoshan Rd.