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14 Mar

Unfortunately Silent Hills has officially been cancelled by Konami, and P. When the demo begins, players find themselves in a small room with an unlocked door.

Exit the room through the door and make your way around the corner and through the door at the end of the hall and down the stairs.

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Not long after the demo went live, people discovered that beating the demo revealed that P. is a brand new Silent Hill game, titled 'Silent Hills' headed up by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. Players who alread downloaded it will keep it in their library and should be able to download it in the future.When he exits the phone booth, he finds the assailant gone, and the victim left for dead. Oh, that’s not good,” says Deadpool, “No, no, no, oh, you’re not going to walk that one out.” “I’m sorry, I spent too much time in the phone booth,” the superhero apologizes.The teaser ends set to the music of Hans Zimmer’s “What the f*** is a phone booth doing on a street corner? All he wears is jeans and a tank-top.” Slowly the tagline reveals: “Deadpool. Once you reach the starting point, head back towards the front hall to discover that the stairway door is now open. Walk up to the door (so that your controller vibrates) and you will hear a door creak open behind you.Turn around to find the bathroom door cracked open. When you get to the door, a baby will start crying from inside. A strange looking creature, resembling a woman, will shut the bathroom door and the loop door will open back up. In this loop, be prepared when you turn the corner as a hulking ghoul will have appeared in the foyer.