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14 Feb

Another variant seen in English-language reporting was "Misrata's Radio Freedom Voice".Following the start of the Libyan uprising on 15–17 February 2011, DX radio enthusiasts outside Libya watched the frequencies of the country's transmitters for any unusual behaviour.Rebels, Nato Special Forces, helicopters and spy planes had all been monitoring the border area – the most realistic escape route for the Libyan leadership and military officers.Neighbouring Algeria last week took in Gaddafi’s wife, daughter and two other sons.Among the convoy of soldiers and Tuareg tribal fighters, who had fought as mercenaries for the regime, was said to be Dhao, the head of Gaddafi’s security brigades, and more than ten other senior officers.They are said to have spent the night in the central Niger town of Agadez and left yesterday on a 600-mile drive to the capital Niamey, in the country’s south-western corner, near the border with Burkina Faso.

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The Bayda station was first heard by an enthusiast during the night of 20–21 February.

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The convoy, made up of Libyan backers of the Colonel including his security chief Mansour Dhao and tribal fighters, crossed the desert into neighbouring Niger, arriving in the capital Niamey yesterday evening.

However, intelligence officials suggested an extraordinary agreement had been brokered by South Africa and France, acting on behalf of Nato, to ‘prevent further widespread bloodshed’ by allowing Gaddafi and his family to leave.